Welcome to CAMP FUZZ!

Our dates for 2025 are:
Check-in: Thursday, May 1st at 12:00PST (noon)
Check-out: Monday, May 5th at 12:00PST (noon)

CAMP FUZZ is a group camping trip for anyone part of, or friends with the Furry community, where we can all get together, and be our fuzzy selves! Out in the beautiful nature of Vancouver Island.

Tails and suits are Welcome!

Our location this year is at gorgeous, French Beach Provincial Park, with beautiful ocean views, star gazing, and for those feeling adventurous, sandstone tidepools (sea anemones!) and a sometimes, underwater cave!
We have rented the private, large Group Site, with a grassy area for your tent set up and a gravel parking space for those with RV’s. About 100 meters from the Beach.

There is a group fire pit where we will start the event with some icebreaker games to let everyone get to know one another, and then the rest of the event will play out loosely with activities such as; beach walks, board games, S’mores, star gazing, a movie night, and to commemorate our time together, a personalized Tye-Dyed CAMP FUZZ T-Shirt to take home with you.

We will be providing dimmable lighting in the evenings and a well-lit area for board gaming, a charging station for your devices (Be warned, cell service is very poor) and a group firepit, (wood provided by us). Please check out AMENITIES to see what else we have this year!

What you get with your ticket!

  • Camp Pass
  • CAMP FUZZ T-shirt with your name on it
  • Tye-Dye Event, Rainbowfy your shirt!
  • Group Campfire (fire wood provided)
  • S’mores
  • Freezies
  • Hot Chocolate and Coffee Machine
  • On demand Soda Pop (2 flavours available) and Soda Water
  • Place to charge your cellular device

Ticket price

For a limited time, Early birds will get an amazing discount at $95. This is limited to the first 15 participants and only available until July 10th 2024.

Regular Tickets will be 120$ and will be used to cover the site rental and all the other goodies that are included in your ticket listed above. Any funds leftover from this year will be rolled forward to next year to make even more cool things happen and the event cheaper.

Park Provided Amenities

  • Double sink with hot water
  • Woodstove under shelter
  • Multiple Tables
  • Group Fire Pit
  • Beach access (approx. 100 meters)
  • Large grass Tenting Area
  • Gravel parking lot for RV’s
  • Wheel chair accessible Pit toilets
  • Private Location

Event Provided Amenities

  • Firewood (For Group Pit)
  • Dimmable Lighting
  • Place to charge your cellular device
  • S’mores
  • Freezies
  • Hot Chocolate and Coffee Machine
  • On demand Soda Pop (2 flavours available) and Soda Water

Things to do!

Check out the sand and gravel ocean beach where, in the spring, grey whales can sometimes be seen migrating. Watch and listen to the waves at high tide, and at low tide, walk along the beach to see sandstone tide pools with sea anemones and a water-carved cave. Check out the trails, then hang out with your fuzzy friends around the campfire, swap stories, and play games!


  • Group Icebreaker Game night
  • Tye-dyeing
  • Movie Night
  • Boardgames
  • Star Gazing
  • Beach Walks

Fursuiters Beware

There is nature afoot! And, under-foot? While we love and welcome those daring to bring their suits to this event. We just want to warn you, as this is an outdoor event, there may be more risks for damage to your beloved suit, in amongst the lovely trees. Please be aware, that you will be exposed to such horrors as, GASP! Mud! Bugs! And perhaps worst of all, DREADED SAP. Please be prepared and understand that coming to this event, with your suit, is done so at your own risk.